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Nukazooka Videos

A Virtual Nightmare Nukazooka

A Virtual Nightmare

Nethervision brings a VR game to life unlike any other! Experience horror with all the blood, sweat, and tears. Oh, and pain. Lots of pain. Credits: D...

3 weeks ago

My Video Game Hero Roommate Nukazooka

My Video Game Hero Roommate

A simple peasant finds an oddly heroic roommate. This is the TV special on their life and how it affects their relationship. NPCs are often glitchy, u...

3 months ago

Darth Vader VS Buzz Lightyear Nukazooka

Darth Vader VS Buzz Lightyear

The ultimate battle between good and evil. Toy Story meets Star Wars. Enjoy!

4 months ago

Skyrim Sneak Logic Nukazooka

Skyrim Sneak Logic

Hands to yourself, Sneak Thief.

6 months ago

The Double Jump Nukazooka

The Double Jump

Too bad he didn't quick save.

7 months ago

Super Mario: Underworld Nukazooka

Super Mario: Underworld

Mario enters the upside down.

7 months ago

World War Nerf Nukazooka

World War Nerf

Nerf. Nerf never changes. The Nerf Captain takes his men behind enemy lines to reclaim their territory. Surrounded by the brutal realities of Nerf Bla...

8 months ago

Lightsaber Safety 101 Nukazooka

Lightsaber Safety 101

Don't pick up that device until watching this!

9 months ago

Pokemon GO Gets Too Real Nukazooka

Pokemon GO Gets Too Real

Pokemon GO in real life can be dangerous. SOCIALS: Facebook: Twitter: Snapchat: Nukazooka.

10 months ago

Realistic Minecraft Nukazooka

Realistic Minecraft

New vid! Pokemon GO gets too real: Minecraft in real life would be terrifying, apparently. SOCIALS: Snapchat: Nukazooka ....

12 months ago

Deadpool Pranks Spider-Man Nukazooka

Deadpool Pranks Spider-Man

With great power comes great prankability SNAPCHAT: Nukazooka FACEBOOK:

1 year ago

Animals Being Awesome Nukazooka

Animals Being Awesome

New vid! Pokemon GO gets too real: Took some animal stock footage and made them do cool things. Enjoy! Facebook: ...

1 year ago

Portal vs Half-Life Nukazooka

Portal vs Half-Life

Portal vs Half-Life T SHIRTS: Chell and Gordon fight for some cake. No lie. FACEBOOK: ...

1 year ago

Elder Wars Nukazooka

Elder Wars

Old age can't stop these geezers from battling each other! Patreon: CREDITS/LINKS: Makeup: Raven Duda ...

1 year ago

Chroma Crisis - A Splatoon Fight Nukazooka

Chroma Crisis - A Splatoon Fig...

Painters fight for their turf, splatoon style! FACEBOOK: TWITTER: Painters: Seth...

1 year ago

A Fun Day in Roller Coaster Tycoon! Nukazooka

A Fun Day in Roller Coaster Ty...

We treat our guests with constant care! Come on in! T SHIRTS: VFX BREAKDOWN:

1 year ago

Super Mario Maker: Untamed Nukazooka

Super Mario Maker: Untamed

Facebook: Twitter: Poor Super Mario has no control over who makes the levels thes...

2 years ago

Zelda vs Peach Nukazooka

Zelda vs Peach

FACEBOOK: TWITTER: SHIRTS: Zelda and Peach settle their ...

2 years ago

LEGO: First Person Shooter Nukazooka

LEGO: First Person Shooter


2 years ago

Fallout vs Skyrim Nukazooka

Fallout vs Skyrim

T-SHIRTS: TWITTER: FACEBOOK: Yet another two video-game ...

2 years ago

Mario vs Minecraft Nukazooka

Mario vs Minecraft

New vid! Pokemon GO gets too real: T-SHIRTS: TWITTER: FACEBOOK: ...

3 years ago

Toy Wars Nukazooka

Toy Wars


3 years ago

Rust in a Nutshell Nukazooka

Rust in a Nutshell

Just another day in the world of Rust Follow on Twitter! Like on Facebook! Starri...

3 years ago

LEGO Invasion! Nukazooka

LEGO Invasion!

T-SHIRTS: TWITTER: FACEBOOK: Our protagonist finds a case ful...

3 years ago

Fatal Prank Nukazooka

Fatal Prank

Like on facebook! Follow on twitter: BEHIND THE SCENES: ...

4 years ago

GTA: Cheat Phone Nukazooka

GTA: Cheat Phone

Like on facebook! Follow on twitter: Niko Bellic loses his phone full of cheat co...

4 years ago

Superhero Depression Nukazooka

Superhero Depression

Facebook: Twitter: Being a superhero isn't all it's cracked up to be Starring: Jo...

4 years ago

SimCity - Mayor Meltdown Nukazooka

SimCity - Mayor Meltdown

Like us on facebook! Follow on twitter! Being a mayor isn't as easy as it sounds....

4 years ago

Mod Mayhem Nukazooka

Mod Mayhem

Follow us on twitter! Like us on facebook! Apparently video games don't get alon...

4 years ago

A Leap of Faith Nukazooka

A Leap of Faith

Follow us on twitter! Like us on facebook! Music by Matthew McMurry ...

4 years ago