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danooct1 Videos

Email-Worm.Win32.Funsoul danooct1

Email-Worm.Win32.Funsoul i tried a new recording style with this video, opting for 1024x576 for the VM to make ...

2 days ago

Trojan.Ransom.WannaCrypt (WanaCrypt0r 2.0/WannaCry, NHS Ransomware) danooct1

Trojan.Ransom.WannaCrypt (Wana... a few links for further (and interesting) reading: ...

1 week ago

Trojan.Win32.Alerta danooct1

Trojan.Win32.Alerta please pardon my butchering of the Portuguese language and subsequent typing into Goog...

2 weeks ago

Gmail Email Worm (May 3rd, 2017) danooct1

Gmail Email Worm (May 3rd, 201... more modern malware that takes us back to the past! sorry that this video of malware "...

3 weeks ago

Virus.MSWord.Color (Win16) danooct1

Virus.MSWord.Color (Win16) i wanted to record this on a standalone, but my copy of Office 4.0 came on 16 floppy d...

3 weeks ago

Virus.VBS.Rabbit danooct1

Virus.VBS.Rabbit although it's very simple, it's still historical and marked a momentous occasion in ma...

4 weeks ago

Virus.DOS.Crucifixion danooct1

Virus.DOS.Crucifixion happy easter, hope yours is slightly less blasphemous than mine! Thanks to the followi...

1 month ago

Trojan.Ransom.Rensenware danooct1

Trojan.Ransom.Rensenware sorry that my shmup skillz are not quite up to par, but I never play touhou.

1 month ago

Virus.MSExcel.Neg danooct1

Virus.MSExcel.Neg shut up, neg. it's been like five years since I've looked at a macro virus for Excel s...

2 months ago

Virus.DOS.Blazer danooct1

Virus.DOS.Blazer it's time to 420 blazer it with some sick MS-DOS viruses Special thanks to the followi...

2 months ago

Virus.DOS.Sov danooct1


2 months ago

Virus.Batch.YinYang (Viewer-Made Malware 17) danooct1

Virus.Batch.YinYang (Viewer-Ma... thanks justquant for a relevant batch virus after last week's fun video. I got some co...

2 months ago

Virus.DOS.Michelangelo (25 years later) danooct1

Virus.DOS.Michelangelo (25 yea... 25 years ago today, the Michelangelo virus was forecast to wreak havoc on PCs across t...

3 months ago

Trojan.Generator.Toxoid (Viewer-Made Malware 16) danooct1

Trojan.Generator.Toxoid (Viewe... thanks to toxoid for this excellent generator, and congrats on your second feature in ...

3 months ago

Virus.DOS.Cybercide danooct1

Virus.DOS.Cybercide hopefully you enjoy this updated video on the Cybercide virus, featuring its sweden-ce...

3 months ago

Virus.MSWord.Newhope danooct1

Virus.MSWord.Newhope those flashy bright lights¦³¹Ú³Ì?.§Æ±æÛÀH neon borders¦³¹Ú³Ì?.§Æ±...

3 months ago

Patreon launch/PO Box Info danooct1

Patreon launch/PO Box Info

just to clarify: there will be NO exclusive content to Patrons other than early access or some little tidbits of behind the scenes info/unedited conte...

3 months ago

Trojan.DOS.Exec1 (flashing lights warning) - Viewer-Made Malware 15 danooct1

Trojan.DOS.Exec1 (flashing lig... Sorry I called it Exec in the video, but thanks very much to Nikitpad for writing and...

3 months ago

Email-Worm.Win32.Magold danooct1

Email-Worm.Win32.Magold Please do let me know your opinions on Patreon/Livestreams in the comments below. I have been avoiding Patreon for a w...

4 months ago

AcidPool (MS-DOS) danooct1

AcidPool (MS-DOS) sort of viewer-made malware but really old and a remake video. thanks acount134, if you're still around. short video t...

4 months ago

Virus.MSWord.SweetKiller danooct1

Virus.MSWord.SweetKiller prepare to be SWEETLY KILLED (or not)

4 months ago

Virus.DOS.Possessed (mild flashing lights warning) danooct1

Virus.DOS.Possessed (mild flas... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)'s evil, older brother.

4 months ago

Virus.DOS.Murphy (high pitched sound warning, reupload) danooct1

Virus.DOS.Murphy (high pitched... reuploaded because of a few mistakes in editing and judgement on my part, sorry about that guys.

5 months ago

VineMEMZ (Win32) danooct1

VineMEMZ (Win32) not quite a viewer-made malware (in that it wasn't made for this channel), but thanks leurak nonetheless for this craz...

5 months ago

Viewer Made Malware 14 - Cockblocker (Win32) danooct1

Viewer Made Malware 14 - Cockb... behold, the razy ransomware in all its glory, thanks hannah Want to be potentially featured in one of these videos? Su...

5 months ago

Virus.DOS.Tumen danooct1

Virus.DOS.Tumen i like PC speaker music a lot. hope you had a happy thanksgiving, or if you didn't celebrate it that you had a regular...

6 months ago

Virus.Win32.Yerg danooct1

Virus.Win32.Yerg cursor download: they are among us.

6 months ago

Email-Worm.Win32.Parrot danooct1

Email-Worm.Win32.Parrot NSFW language at the end Italian Man Who Went to Malta (joke): remix: ...

7 months ago

Viewer-Made Malware 13 - EscalationBomb (Win32) (Flashing lights warning) danooct1

Viewer-Made Malware 13 - Escal... thanks bigol tauri for this very cool submission. desktop wallpaper effects, especially constantly changing ones, are ...

7 months ago

Virus.DOS.Atas - the Infomercial danooct1

Virus.DOS.Atas - the Infomerci... i'm bored, have an idea, and i've got poor video editing skills. this is the result. actual virus review follows the i...

7 months ago