Lep's World 1 - Area 13 Walkthrough

Lep's World 1 - Area 13 Walkthrough


Uploaded by Gameplays & Guides This is the thirteenth area in your quest to help Lep recover all the gold that was stolen from him, in this video, you'll see the solutions to your problems, like how to effectively fight the nasty creatures and overcoming the obstacles featured in the game, watch the video walkthrough and learn the tricks to breeze through this location.

Area 13

Level one features some enemies at the start, there are the usual snails and critters and even bees that fly in a straight line, there are also a lot of platforms to jump onto, and they're pretty far apart so be careful in this level and keep on collecting gold coins for a higher score at the end.

The dark caves has gone tougher this time, here in Level two, you will be attacked by a lot of enemies from the very start, there are also wide gaps with falling platforms in them, so be careful when you jump so you won't fall into the abyss.

The third level is back at the mountains again where it is bright and sunny, be careful though as there are a lot of worms here, almost all of the tree trunks you'll encounter have nasty worms in them, but if you have a lot of ammo to use against them worms, there shouldn't be any problem. You'll also notice that the number of enemies have greatly increased.

Level four is at the dark caves, as usual, those shooting fireballs are everywhere, there are also a lot of critters here, they march in groups, stock up on ammo and eliminate them before they get to you.
Level five is at the temple ruins, the spaces are tight at the very start and quite hard to make jumps, there are lots of critters and snails and flying bees too, there are lots of falling and moving platforms as well.
Level six is at the dark caves again, there are a lot of spikes at the start and a swarm of bees too, this goes on to the end, the critters also start to appear midway, so better arm up and start jumping.
Level seven is another tough level, there are a lot of enemies and the platforms are quite far apart, you really need to make a lot of long jumps to get through this level.

Level eight takes you back to the dark castle, get really to dodge those fireballs as there are really a lot of them here, There are a lot baddies too and tons of gold coins to collect, make sure to get some before you reach the rainbow.
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